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After an 8 year battle with infertility and countless struggles, our family is finally complete. This blog chronicles the journey it took for us to start and build the family we always wanted. Background on the blog (started in 2012, just days before I found out the embryo transfer for our son worked).... I decided to start a blog after realizing I have only been able to make it through my TWW's (two week waits) with the help of Google and with the openness of other women suffering from infertility sharing their own stories and giving others hope. I have time and time again found my exact symptoms on other women's blogs and felt an overwhelming sense of calmness they provided me. I thought it was time to pay it forward and hopefully provide this same thing to other women on their own journeys.

Thursday, September 29, 2016

34w2d - OB update!

C-section officially moved up!!    OB okayed a 37 week section.  Too bad the books were already full that day, so 37 weeks and 1 day it is!!   That will be Wednesday 10/19!!!!

20 days from today!!!!!!!

All that's left until I meet my babies:

10/04:  OB/NST @ 8:00am - steriod shot #1 @ 9:30am
10/05:  Steriod shot #2 @ 9:30am
10/11:  SONO/OB/NST @ 9:30am
10/18:  SONO/OB/NST @ 8:00am
10/19:  C-section!!  Report @ 5:00am


  1. Good luck to you guys!!!! I had mine on Wednesday due to my kidneys failing! 32 weeks exactly!!! You're doing incredible and keep up the great work!!! Can't wait to see your totes!!!!

    1. Oh wow!! Congrats on your babies!!! I'm sorry about your kidneys! How scary!!!!

  2. Lauree! Hi!! I can't believe you replied to a comment of mine on baby center! Small world haha! Just curious why you are opting for a csection? I had to bc my babies were breech! I would have LOVED a vag birth any day over a csection. My transfer is tomorrow!

    1. Omg!!! Small world!!!!! I've been on that babycenter thread for a while. It was actually a pretty slow thread too until your post to liven it up again!! Crazy it's you!!!!! Victor was a C-section and our baby boy has been breech the entire pregnancy. Omg transfer tomorrow?!?!! Sooooo exciting!!!

    2. Ohhhh Okay! Well thats is good then! I just didn't want a doctor pushing you to do it! Rocco was baby A, and head down til 32 weeks when he flipped! Maximus was breech since week 22 or so! So funny about barycenter!! I just read through your posts on the progesterone when you were doing the transfer for these babies! My RE only was having me do 2 crinones a day and I added a shot of PIO on my own! You can never have too much ;)