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After an 8 year battle with infertility and countless struggles, our family is finally complete. This blog chronicles the journey it took for us to start and build the family we always wanted. Background on the blog (started in 2012, just days before I found out the embryo transfer for our son worked).... I decided to start a blog after realizing I have only been able to make it through my TWW's (two week waits) with the help of Google and with the openness of other women suffering from infertility sharing their own stories and giving others hope. I have time and time again found my exact symptoms on other women's blogs and felt an overwhelming sense of calmness they provided me. I thought it was time to pay it forward and hopefully provide this same thing to other women on their own journeys.

Saturday, February 6, 2016

1 or 2?

Mike and I are thinking maybe we should just put both embryos in.

1. We still wouldn't know the gender if one took and they both have been through so much.

2. I'd rather only go through one transfer.

3. I'm not scared of twins happening since we've done 2 embryos 6 times now (and one transfer was only 1). It also wouldn't eat a second $3k out of our $20k doing a second transfer and we could use the money towards fresh embryos later if these two didn't take.

4. I would also be sad if we did 1 at a time, and the first didn't take, and we did alllllllll this stuff for a second transfer (scratch, uterine massages, etc) just for that last one to not make the thaw and get cancelled or something......THAT would blow.  This reason alone is making me think we should just put both in.

Am I crazy?


  1. If I were you, I would do two.

  2. I feel your history justifies 2. I say go for it and transfer both.

  3. Not crazy at all! If we had two, I would put both in! Twins are so much fun!

    1. ❤️ I would love twins but I'd be ecstatic with anything over zero! I'm desperate to give Victor a sibling!!!!

  4. I would ask your Ob for a recommendation.