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After an 8 year battle with infertility and countless struggles, our family is finally complete. This blog chronicles the journey it took for us to start and build the family we always wanted. Background on the blog (started in 2012, just days before I found out the embryo transfer for our son worked).... I decided to start a blog after realizing I have only been able to make it through my TWW's (two week waits) with the help of Google and with the openness of other women suffering from infertility sharing their own stories and giving others hope. I have time and time again found my exact symptoms on other women's blogs and felt an overwhelming sense of calmness they provided me. I thought it was time to pay it forward and hopefully provide this same thing to other women on their own journeys.

Monday, January 27, 2014

Monitoring Appointment #1

Today is day 4 of stims (although I have yet to take my 4th dose of stims – that will be tonight).  I had my first of many monitoring appointments this morning bright and early at 7am.  The sono tech, Kelly, said I had 8 follicles on the left and 8 follicles on the right!  That’s 16 follicles!  This is awesome as on Friday (3 days ago) my antral follicle count was only 10!   I am getting more and more excited about this cycle!  Come on eggies, grow, grow, GROW!!

I’m now just waiting for the call from my clinic nurse, Dawn.  She’ll give me my follistim dose for tonight and the next few days and tell me when to go back for my next monitoring appointment.  Hopefully I won’t have an issue getting into my local OB’s office (where I do my monitoring appointments).  I always hate making these last minute appointments when I get a call from the clinic at 2 pm and call the OB and say I need an appointment tomorrow morning or else I’ll have to drive to Cleveland!   I stress myself out too much worrying about this stuff.  I take after my mom.  Hi mom!

UPDATE:   My nurse called at 2:39pm and my e2 (estradiol) level was only 51.  That’s not too good.  That means my eggies aren’t all growing as they should.  So they upped my follistim from 150 a day to 225 a day!  (Reminder, my IVF #1 my follistim was only 100 every day…but I was also 3 years younger then.)   So I go back Thursday morning at 7 am to be rechecked (sono and bloodwork for e2 levels).   That means that I will most definitely need to be rechecked over the weekend which means I will have to drive all the way to Cleveland to get checked.  Hopefully just one day.  There’s a possibility we’d have to drive down Saturday and Sunday if Saturday is too close to trigger.   Oy!  There’s also the possibility that I go to Cleveland Saturday and they want to check me again on Monday…. At which point it will be the weekend and I won’t be able to make an appointment with my local OB over the weekend.  Sooooo…. I may get sneaky and make a Monday appointment after we see how my Thursday’s appointment turns out.   Man o’ man I’m gonna give myself an ulcer!

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